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Whats wrong with my lip color?

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Guest emoogirl

I think it looks nice, but maybe you should go with a color like hu-xcx_atreyu_xcx-hu said. Red, maybe? People would probably be more accepting of a colored lipstick than black. Hope I helped!

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ur story reminded me of something....when i first started wearing red lipstick I wore a shade that I would now call the "wrong shade" and everyone told me I looked like I had just been punched in the mouth.....then I tried some different kinds of lipstick and I decided it looks better....and the mean comments went away too! lol....ALSO...JUST THE OTHER DAY I TRIED SOMETHING KOOL!

i dyed my lips red with food coloring....at first it looked incredible and didnt get on my teeth at all.....then it started coming off on the edges and people made fun of me....just experiment and have fun!!!

BTW ur lipstck looks awesome!

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