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A Mistake


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My heart is bleeding and I don't know why.

Your words are soothing even though they're lies.

You're my drug, addicting and true.

Though you give me pleasure, you destroy me too.


You give me reason to breathe. but not enough to live.

You're so undeniable, my life I'd give.

Your hair is smooth and your lips are sweet.

Though you're enchanting, you make me sick.


I have kissed you once, held you twice.

Nothing's more sweeter than your lies.

You are my light in this dark world; the one who will guide me through.

But you shine like a star inches away; are you even true?


You've left me with a scarred heart; dying from the truth.

I know everything now. And my favorite mistake is loving you....



One of my best poems! please tell me what you think ^^ =)

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