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Right Guys,


I need some new music and I like most genres (just NOT rap). Any sugestions?


Artists I really like:


Alestorm, Disturbed, Rage against the machine, MurderDolls, Black veil brides, Audioslave, Skillet, paramore, Bullet for my valentine, Mammal, Sparks the rescue, story of the year etc so quite a broad range... Would like something like Black Veil Brides that isn't Avenged 7fold. Any ideas?


Thanks :-)

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ok, not heard of several of these :) New stuff!!!


Ok, Alesana: :o not so keen..

BMtH: Not a huge fan of.

Four year strong - Will check out.

Same for the rest xD


One band I DO like is Vampires everywhere but I dnt have an Ipod and you can only get their album on itunes :P

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