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Screaming, Dreaming


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My heart is dreaming,

While my mind screams.

What to do, what to say,

bring me a brand new day...


I have been falling,

because i won't play ball.

I am myself and this scares

those who claim to 'care'.


All I want is some freedom to move,

[align=center]some freedom to breathe, some

freedom to think, some freedom[/align]

[align=right]to be who I want to be.

The freedom to be me


My heart is screaming,

While my mind dreams

of a thing called 'Love'

from the heavens above.


Where can it be found

by us mere mortals

that wander around

on this blue sphere?


My Heart is screaming,

My mind dreaming.

My Heart is dreaming

and my Mind screams.


This freedom,

This love,

The chance to be myself...



[align=center] Drowned out by screaming dreams.




I can't decide If I like this one or not... what do you think? ^_^

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