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Without You


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I'm Falling into a deep Depression

Crying out for help but getting no Reaction

Feeling like Life is Prison

Calling for help but no one will take time to Listen


So Many calls to the Friends and Family I Love

Even Tried to Calling to the So Called Gods Above

Sitting and Waiting as the Sands of Time fall

Trying to Hold my Head up High above it All


Could've done so many things to try to Heal this Pain

Like Drugs and Alcohol But Im not Insane

Everything I Love, Find's A Way To Leave Or Die

So Im Left Here with this Confusion, Trying Not To Cry


Holding all my emotions deep inside

Feeling like i just need to hide

But my Feelings are so strong for you

I bet your feeling the same inside too


Baby You are the One I need to Talk too

I thought Our Friendship and love was so true

I Just need you to come back to me

so we can get over this and can be set free


I just want to be able to hold you

I know you want to hold me in your arms too

So many mixed feelings hidden deep inside

Lets talk about it and let this all behind


Without you I feel so scared and Alone

You were there for me when i would cry and moan

I cant seem to let you go

But If you Dont come back to me Ill kill myself nice and slow

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I really love this poem....I wrote this to a special someone so she knew what i was feeling about her after we started fighting!! (long story) This Poem seem to help me reach out to her and fix our friendship!! Im not a big writer but i felt like i needed to write her something so she would know how i felt!!

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