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Heartbreaking, Soul Eating, Body Killing Angel


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I've got a secret,

it's hiding deep inside my soul.

Look into my eyes,

see my suffering,

see my pain.

Do you like what you see?

All this suffering that

makes me, me.

Peer into my heart

combine it with my soul,

everything will soon make sense,

bear with me.

See what happened,

happened to me.

Your sick little games

destroyed me.

Heart, soul, body, mind.

What's the point anymore?

My nightmares came true,

forced to live without you.

You understand now,

why I'm constantly in pain?

Free my heart,

free my soul.


torment me no more.




Feel free to add me on Quizilla where I post every poem I've ever written, the bad and the good, the heartfelt and the lies.


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