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Body Writing

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Haha. I also write on myself. Think I'm gonna get a inc infection. Well... I like to write songs on my arm and hand. I usually go around with a full songs lyrics on my arm. :'D I usually just write whats the first thing there pops into my mind. It is dang fun to later read all the random things on my arm. Sometimes I write down, what people around me says... They allways comes up to me later the day, to see what they said earlyer. :'p

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haha i've been drawing and writing on my skin since i was in 5th grade.. psh, i'm in 9th now. fuck everyone who says i'll get skin cancer.. cuz look, i'm doing just fine aren't i? :)

i draw/write whatever i want. japanese words/sayings, random hearts, have you ever seen purerandomosity on youtube? check her out. she's got some of the best ideas. i draw stuff like she does, but she's 10x better.

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