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--lying to myself--


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[align=center]you hold me up to push me down

you laugh at me like i'm a clown

you think that i'm just your little game

just a toy with a meaningless name

you play me like a checker board

you say my cries make a beautiful chord

my cries of pain are music in your ears

you could go swimming in my tears

the whole time laughing at my woe

saying how i'm just your current hoe

well here i stand, i hope i'm clear

i'm sick and tired of your pittiful sneer

i'm done with your games, i'm not your toy

now me, you will no longer destroy

i'm done being walked on like your little rug

and you just thought you were oh so smug

well i hope you hear me out

you're nothing i can't live without

i can throw you away like trash

i can burn all your pictures into ash

i can forget about how i love you

and i can say all my feelings are through


i know i can say all of these things

but to say them would rip off my wings

i know they're not true

truth is i can't live without you

so each day i'll still play along

hoping one day i'll finally belong

hoping maybe you might change

i know my hopes are kind of strange

these are the things i wish i could tell you

these are the things my mind will construe

these are words i will never say

cause i dont have the courage at bay

i'll keep these thoughts quiet

so i won't start this riot

i'll give into my pain

until i realize i have nothing to gain

i wish i could leave so i could quit crying

but if i say i don't love you i'm lying [/align]

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