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Ive Been There,Angel.


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Today is the only day ive ever felt alive without you.

I no longer need you,you broke me,i saved you.

Ask the same question, Why, but you brought this upon yourself.

Hold on tight,this is sure to be a ride,youll never see me cry.

You shed a tear,flash your scars,show off your wrists.

Bleeding dry,a sign of attention sure to come,you want sex,pity,

but we want love,something real.

[chorus] Try looking in the mirror,see your cloudy blue eyes.

Full of lies,fear,death,you still contemplate suicide.

You tell us to grow up,and take it like real kids,but you sit and cry.

Dry your eyes,we'll take a walk,down the path,of pain and misery.

Something you cant ever control. Something you cant ever fake.

I see yor soul,i see your fate,dark,alone,searching,for the one.

Parallel worlds,different coasts,no matter the distance,

You know ill hear you,feel you,know you arent okay.


it kills me inside,to see you cry,to hear you scream,

but you couldnt care less about me,as long as someones around to fuck

all you see is sex and pain, when i show you nothing,

but love,and life full of while. Some will die,but what about,

those who've never gotten to live?




Take a look,see what i see,i loved you,you love me now,

all you saw,was my body,all i saw was your pain.

Blood runs,rain falls,ti[/font][/color]me stops,will i ever see you again,Angel?

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