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I gave my heart to him,

With hope and pleading,

That he wont break it,

But he did and now its bleading,


As my life flashes before me,

Like a slideshow in my head,

now i fall to the ground,

knowing i am close to dead


but the only thought,

that was keeping me alive,

is that i must be stronger than him,

for my spirit to stay alive,


i would rather be remembered,

in an optimistic fasion,

than living for nothing,

and dying without a passion,


and if he still doesn't understand,

why i lay here,

its because i am paralized,

by my biggest fear,


the fear of rejection,

is one he gave my soul,

cause everything i did,

seemed turn his heart more cold,


when i gave my heart to him,

he took it and let it break,

but now as i haunt him in his dreams

i make sure to let know that it was a very big mistake,

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