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Nothing Stays The Same..


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Sitting in the darkness cold and wet,

wondering, is it over yet?

The silence is so loud,

like thunder echoing in a cloud.

Light is too far to reach,

and words are broken in speech.

The crowd keeps walking,

and people keep talking.

About friends and fun times,

without a care who they left behind.

Everyone's special and unique,

but there'rs always one, one who's a freak,

The one who doesn't belong,

and gets everything wrong.

With a strange mind,

yet so very kind.

Almost impossible to have respect,

always in the face of reject.

A new and awkward child,

makes the heart race wild.

Not many can tell,

this precious thing fell.

Floating away in space,

nothing here but a face.

Behind those eyes,

lurks a surprise.

Things will never be the same,

who should be blamed?

Emptiness is all that's there,

as they stand around and stare.

Don't worry, this is the beginning of something new,

and others shall suffer when their time is due.

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