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--it's called common courtesy--


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[align=center]people think they're actions don't effect others

they don't think twice about disrespect

two people may differ but they're still brothers

so why don't good people try to protect?


if only people knew what their words could do

they might rethink what they say out loud

words make thoughts and bad thoughts brew

does hurting another make some people proud?


it seems as if no one stops to care

no one aims to make a smile

no one tries, no one will dare

isn't another's joy worthwhile?


isn't seeing someone happy worth another's time?

or would they rather see another cry?

has simple kindness turned into a crime?

people make me sick, they make me wish to die.


don't get me wrong i love my life

but at least being dead would get me away

away from the people who try to make this a strife

maybe people will just stop and think one day.


maybe they'll realize what their actions are doing

maybe they'll see how words can sting

this is just my personal viewing

but one day maybe we can mend this broken wing.



[[i know all people aren't rude and disrespectful, matter of fact everyone i've had the pleasure to meet on here has been really sweet and kind and that means alot to me, i just started thinking and it made me realize jst how many people i have met though that do seem like they live on other's misery, i just don't understand why. but maybe one day, doubtfully, but maybe one day all those people will see what they're doing, and maybe it can change.]][/align]

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