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--each morning i spend mourning--


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[align=center]i curl my hair, paint my face

i still look like a damn disgrace

i wake up each morning, with you on my mind

try to look nice, but pretty i can not find

i thought maybe you would like me more

if i just looked like a pretty little whore

so here i am, face in this mask

here i am and now i ask

why don't you still love me

you ripped me open can't you see

i'm living in a masquerade

you can't see but each day i fade

i die a little more inside

hoping with sympathy i'll collide

hoping you'll pull me back under your arm

but hoping is only doing me harm

so still i'll wake up each morning

painting my face to look so adorning

only to be knocked back down

left feeling like a silly painted clown

i'll still wake up each morning, curl my hair

only to hear how you don't care

just so you know each morning i awake

i spend mourning this burning heart break[/align]

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