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The story Of my Stranged love


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Any advice to get over a break up??




Break ups like fixing a broken mirror

all the pieces are there but

you still cant see clearer

All the split pieces of a mirror


We start to argue and just like the mirror

the more we try the less our reflection gets clearer

i jump at him, he jumps at me

his up in my face and ill show him what he wants to see


i push him and he punches me

we go back and forth until our energy leaves

me beaten and broken heart

sits sorrowfully in the dark


He in the room next door

gathers his energy for a round four

carefully i avoid his eyes

for it made his heart meet mine


I attempt to leave but as he grabs me he whispers

im sorry~

a tear escapes my eye

why, why,why


I walk out the house

crying into the rain

he follows my quickly

i found it in vain


i knew he was going to say goodbye

for we were falling apart

he touched me by my heart

and said ive loved you fro the start


The pain was too much

I turned to leave once again

he said

baby you have my heart


All this time hes loved me too

i always thought i wasnt loved

now i see i no its true

he and i are one not two

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