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need title help!!

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[align=center]I loved you and lost you

Now you hate me

This is what I get

for trusting people.

And that's why I don't

trust anyone.

I've only loved you.

And always you.

But you hate me.

We've been the best

of friends back then.

Or I thought so.

Every time you looked

at me I felt my heart


Every time you spoke

to me I listen to your

every word.

While your talking

I try not to get lost in your eyes.

But now you wont even speak

to me any more.

All I get when I

look at you from across

the room is

a glance.

You don't know

how much it hurt

after you found out.

The insult you

said to me.

It still haunts me.

But even though you

probably forgot about it.

I haven't.

And I still haven't lost hope.

I have a feeling that one day

you would be mine again.

But until then.

All I'll do is try to catch you glances.[/align]

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