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If you draw lil cartoons (ect)...

Cool Beaans

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[align=center]I've been told drawing on lined paper, yeaah

I should stop that. But I got used to it so blah blah I'll work on it okay?


Another thing that bothers people

is I write in Pigeon. -The code-

Only cos me and my friends formed a habit with it

we liked confusing people using it, if you know it too

(thumbs up, high five's to you)



Another thing. I >> know << I'm not that great

but I'm working on it literally everyday.


I'm going to shuttup now... [/align]




[align=center]>> The pigeon font <<

(Raincloud) -> "It's nothing personal it's my job"

(Gingerbread man) -> "I understand"[/align]





p><p>[center][img]<a href=http://oi54.tinypic.com/2ry4yv8.jpg' alt='2ry4yv8.jpg'>[/center]

[align=center]--Vincent Valentine / Pencil shading --

never finished.[/align]






Again, sorry I didn't re-size some of these


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