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teenage freak

Guest xxRisikaxx

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Guest xxRisikaxx

I?m just a dirty little teenage freak.

Try and break me down,

Try and make me weak.

Pretend I?m not there,

Call me different?

See if I care.


I?m just a dirty little monster child.

Let me loose, watch me go wild.

Turn my music up so loud,

Go ahead, be my guest.


I?m just a dirty little teenage freak,

I?m never gonna rest.

I take the pleasure in your pain,

Stupid bitches,

There just so vain.


Thick eyeliner and crazy hair dye,

Tattoos and body piercings,

I?m just a dirty little monster child,

That?s just how we?re styled


I?m going to Hell, so I?m having fun,

Live it up, drink it down,

My mischief?s only just begun.

I?m here just to cause you trouble

I?ll turn your world upside-down

You see us walking down the street,

Pack up your bags and leave this town.


Were just dirty little teenage freaks!

(Evil laughter)

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