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--my four letter lie--


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[align=center]i will never admit my love outloud

never until the day i'm enshroud

i'll look at you with loathing eyes

you'll never see what underlies

i'll only glare and leer

i'll only tease and jeer

but i hide behind a cover

a cover opposite of a lover

i say that i hate you

these words i will stick like glue

hate.. it's a false mask hidden in my eye

hate.. this word is my four letter lie[/align]

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no problem-o

yeah punk is a great writer' date=' same with zredtide. but theres alot of great writers on here... lots and lots, i love it. haha



I love it sammy =) it reminded me of a qoute we have here, i dont know if you guys know it too, but it goes like this: the more you hate, the more you love.


thanks! =))

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