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this is me

Guest xxRisikaxx

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Guest xxRisikaxx

It?s my life,

I?ll do what I want,

I don?t care what you say,

I?ll go ahead and do it anyway.


You can?t control me,

I?m not your fucking puppet,

I just want to run away,

As if I?m going to stay.


You can take everything I have away,

But you?ll never take my pride!


I am who I am.

Don?t like it? Deal with it!

I?m not going to change for anyone.

This is who I am, this is me.


I?m making all the right wrongs,

And all the wrong rights.

I?m just a dumb kid,

Asking dumb questions,

Yet you give me all the dumb answers?


When will you learn?

I don?t aim to please you!

You tell me to be true to myself,

But you want me to be like the girls on T.V.


Pretty pink dresses and bleach blonde hair,


That?s just like, so totally not me. (Bimbo voice)


Messed up hair and blacked out eyes,

Spiked bracelets and painted nails,

What a brilliant disguise.


I?m never going to be what you want,

A constant disappointment?

That?s just the beginning.


I?m just being me, this is who I am.

I?ll do whatever I want to.

Scream and shout all you like,

Complain ?till you turn blue.

As if I?ve ever listened to you.


This is my life.

I?ll do what I want.

I don?t care what you say,

I do things my own way.


You don?t control me,

I am my own person.

So fuck off,

And leave me be.


I?m never going to change.

I like being who I am.

It?s only the beginning and already you beg for the end,

Welcome to the darkness

My dear friend.

Because this is me!

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