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Cool Beaans

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There is so much you don't know about me

Blinded by everything around us

All that's hidden lurks within

Darkness hides inside all of us

Scratching like fingernails below the surface

Pulling me back, Fighting the rage to go insane

All alone inside this place

The foundation gives off the scent of rotting bodies

Parts of you and me laid straight across the floor

With bloody hands and stitched chests

We'll watch our lives burn together

Filling the room with warmth

The darkest places now filled with light

What if It didn't come to this?

Would you still be dead in my eyes?

Could the fire erase even the most painful memories?

I don't care where I end up that's fate

How I get there and who I become

Will determine the rest of my life

And who else escapes the fire

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