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--when reality becomes a dream--


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[align=center]you wave, i smile

i live in denial

my head is screaming

i must be dreaming

it happens each time i look in your eyes

breathless, speechless, falling is unwise

but i can't help it anymore

i know it's you i've fallen for

each time you say my name

it's music that i can't tame

each time you look in my way

i can't find the words to say

say how i love you

i swear i do

you're an angel in my eyes

now these words i'll improvise

i want you to be mine

i'm standing here supine

i'm ready and willing

just take me it's killing

wrap me in your arms now

and my heart i will avow

i'll be your's forever more

it's you i know i that i adore

you say you've loved me all along

and in my life is where you belong

once again my heart is pounding

with your words so astounding

i'm living reality in my imagination

your love is my only aspiration[/align]

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