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Oh, how I adore the rain

It's when I can rant and wonder all I wish

Without a million questions to be smothered with.

It's when I can pretend the water dripping upon my face

Is actually mine free to waste.

My lies have become perfect

My tears not hereI can't always be perfectly fine and okay my dears

So, open your eyes,

Not just to me,

But to everyone you see.

Smile and laugh

With those with no one,

To those you see all alone.

Say 'hello' and 'how are you?'

To everyone you see,

For you know not how dead the happiest person may actually be.

So, look at me not, but all around you

Because I am not the only to find rain the happiest place to be.




I've heard of about three suicides from people close to me in the past week, and I'm not even sure about one person who meant a lot to me whether he's alive or dead so it meant more now to me put this up than ever. Make friends with your enemies, and if you can't do that at least forgive. No matter what they have done forgive, and let them know. If they backlash at you just ignore it, because you don't know how much someone can just need your forgiveness. If you see someone down, even a complete stranger smile to them, give them a compliment you see about them. We need to stop all of this people, we need to give people reason to live. And if you know someone who is suicidal talk to them everyday, tell them how much they mean to you, because to me it's worse when people know someone is suicidal and would rather be quiet and say nothing, than actually show they give a fuck. Come one people I don't want to hear about anymore suicides, I can't live with hearing it. Show people you actually care. And I want to show I care to because honestly if any of you are suicidal, please tell me. I may be a complete stranger, but I give more of a fuck than most strangers should or do.

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