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I Hate You


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I Hate You

I Hate You

By: Amanda Augustus


[align=center]I am ready to run away,

Run from this place,

Escape the bad memories.


I hate you for all you?ve done,

All the scars and bruises,

And the hate you called love.


You labeled me satanic,

Said every word from my tongue was foolish,

But maybe you just didn?t listen.


I remember the first time you hit me,

But the millions of times afterward,

Have all become one word; hate.


You boss me around,

So violently,

I cannot take this.


Everything about me you despise,

Did you ever think I felt the same of you?

Well guess what; I do.


The day I leave the doors of Hell,

Remember these three words,

I hate you.


Don?t ever forget that,

I?ll haunt you till the end,

I won?t ever let you forget what you?ve done.


And when you?re lying on your death bed,

May you regret the past,

And alas close your eyes?forever.[/align]


-Written for my "loving" parents-

-Written for my "loving" parents-

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