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AZT's Oddball Poems


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Dear Mind of Mine

Dear Mind of Mine


You think I want to hide my self, you're right

But, by no means to you have the right,

To take upon actions that are for my decision,

And here lies the most unethical division,

Between my mind and me.



How to Live

How to Live


[align=right]I will tell you how to live,

And how to survive,

What you do is just be you,

And never look as if you're blue,

When you get all this down,

Be sure that you don't drown.[/align]





Determined to rule o?er all,

Earth is shat?ring,

At his beck?ning call

The people will arise, and

Hell shall claim it?s prize


Life is Like a Teardrop

Life is Like a Teardrop


[align=right]Life is like a teardrop,

Made of anger, love, or pain,

It can be pointless or for show,

Or it can be made jenuine,

Only when it?s got a reason behind it,

Does anyone take notice,

Only when you don?t mimic the crowd,

Does anyone take notice,

Only when you follow your dreams,

Does anyone take notice.[/align]


Life is Like a Quilt

Life is Like a Quilt


Life is like a quilt, made of many hours,

Made of many tears, made of many dreams,

Made of many memories, or made of many lives,

Life?s something to be held precious when looking at the world,

Your life can be passed down through toy, treasure, or tale,

But after many years, many owners, many users, many lovers,

You will finally pass away.


Fall to Winter

Fall to Winter


[align=right]Bushy tails, teeth and nails, that?s what I need?

Glowing eyes and frightening cries, is that it?

Tooth and claw? Night sight? Glowing eyes? What feed

Do I need if I have these? In the fall

I see these animals, running around,

Looking for last-minute provisions for

The winter that?s coming around in bounds.

Hiding, from the winter cold, both their store

And their whole family. As winter bites,

And storms do fright, they can hide, safe and sound.

For the winter winds cannot reach to fight

With the helpless, worthless things, in their mounds,

Their holes, their trees in which they hide from Frost?s

Icy grasp, which, with touch, lives are always lost.[/align]


What do you think?

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