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Lying on a stiff bed,

I thought I was dead.

A lot of people around me,

Their eyes are all I can see.


Then my vision blurs,

Everyone's talking in a slur.

I close my eyes and sleep,

Waiting for slumber deep.


Pain tries to awake,

A sensation that is fake;

But to no avail,

What an epic fail.


Cut out my heart

So my life will cease to start.

Consider taking my lungs;

The banshees have already sung.


Will you take out my eyes

So I wouldnt see your lies?

What else will you take from me?

Will you even set me free?


Will you stop using your scalpel;

There's no more light from the candle.

Will you even dig me a grave?

Or will I forever be your slave?


Inspired from Senses Fail - Buried A Lie


feedback pls ^^

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