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Lyrics from Botdf


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You are my everything, You taught me how to sing

You took a chance on me, Open my heart to see

You have the golden key that simply sets me free

You are my only hope, The one I need the most


You are my light in dark, The ever-shining spark

You are my other half, You always make me laugh

You are my dearest friend, Forever til the end

We're simply meant to be, For it is clear to see


I can't see myself like you now that I've had a taste

Every time I close my eyes, I feel your lips, I see your face

I'm taking back every hateful thing I ever said about love

I realize I need it and baby, You're the one


I only smile when I'm with you and I spend all day missing you

I'm lovestruck, In your head, Every thought, Every breath

You turned this boy into a man, I promise to love you like no one can

Here we are, Hand in hand, My dream came true, Now I'm your man


This song is ours Mercedes <3...BOTDF MY #1 band that i might tour with :heart:

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