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I don't even know. o_o


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If there's someone else in the mirror

Don't be surprised

She's breaking on entry

And here for your eyes


That girl in the mirror

Who spills all your lies

The one and the only

Just here for tonight


That girl in the mirror

Who kills as she cries

She's leaving you lonely

Don't sleep tonight.

^ that one's about feeling suicidal and looking in the mirror and seeing someone who wants to kill you. >_<


If I killed you now

Before you grew cold

I'd hold you close and

Pretend you could still grow old


Before anyone saw

You're not breathing

I'd pretend your heart was

The one I was still keeping


And if they ever find out

It was me who sent you above

I'll plead don't blame the girl

Simply blame love.

^ that's basically about how closely love and hate are related.


And if you were to fall

Would you really be dead

If the fall went right through you

And opened your head

A strange ending, for a beautiful boy

That's his thoughts, sinking into the ground

He's still there, just he's a little spilled over

He's still there, just not making a sound

^ ..don't even ask.



yeaah i write way too many lyrics so i'm gonna stop there. xD


There's nothing to see

But it sure is pretty

I hate this town

I love this city. <3

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