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easy way I found to make your own fake lip piercing!!!


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So I was poking around YouTube today and I found this video tutorial thing on how to make your own fake lip piercing. Noww me personally, have always wanted a lip piercing, and I didn't really want to get real ones because I'm not that type of person and I actually have shitloads of reasons but when I tried to write them down they came out all stupid and they didn't make sense, and you might have noticed in a previous topic of mine that I have a hard time making sense when I talk a lot of the time, and I'm really sorry but please bare with me because I only decide to actually not type it after countless failed attempts but anyway back to the topic at hand.

Anyway so yes I found this tutorial on YouTube and I'd post a link but I'm on my new iPod touch now and I don't know how so yess sorry. Another thing is I don't remember the name of the person who made the video or the exit title of the video only that ther girl spelt piercings like pericings or something and it also showed you how to make "angel bites" as well. I didn't really watch the angels bites part but I found the lip piercing bit handy enough, and I wanted to share it with you guys 'cause I know some peope can't get real lip piercing for a number of reasons.. So yess, I wanted to share.


So now lets actually get on with it;

You're gonna need;

-a bobby pin (or several bobby pins, depending on how many you want to make)


-round object(pen, round pencil etc)


So first, take your bobby pin and pull the two halfs apart so that the whole thing is straight. Then take the straighter half of the bobby pin and wrap it around your round object. Now cut the rest off, and use your pliers to make it into a rounder, C-shape.

Anddd I think you're done! Simple, you see??

Ha. Wasn't the best topic I've ever made, wasn't written in the best way it could have been, but this tutorial really helped me, I hope it helps someone else too!!


So anyway, apologies for the precious moments some of you might have wasted reading this! And so yesss!


-LuLu!!!!!!!! XxXx

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Guest Kikkiochan

You can also get silver beading wire, cut it, and do the shape you desire. Its also how I make ffake spetums, nose rings, and ear peircings. :D

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Guest TiffehRipzUrHeartOutUchiha

To be perfectly honest I myself prefer the real lip piercings :) I guess that's just me :D

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