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Only by you


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If I am to be loved,

It'll only be by you.

You show me that you care

In all the slightest things you do.

You're my shelter from the rain,

You're my carrier of light,

You're why my heart is so content

When I lie in bed at night.

You make me feel so lovely,

You hold me when I'm sad.

You know what to say to make me laugh

And you kiss me when I'm mad.

I love it when you talk to me,

When I'm wrapped up ion your arms.

You keep me from depression,

It's your smile that keeps me warm.

I'm always gonna love you,

For the sun you brought to me.

It's all because of you

That I can walk forward steadily.


This poem is dedicated to u guys that are in deep love and to those who were taken from the darkest corners of life and depression and found your way into the heart of a good soul... but most of all this poem is dedicated to my most beloved. :P:rose2:

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