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Revenge,Love,and Forgivness

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Please forgive me I have no soul for my eyes have become black and I have no soul, Look at this mess you created for now its time to pay the price and give up as i cut you down slice by slice. I ripped out my heart and bled out my emoutions for you but it don't matter now cause your laying lifeless and blue. Just know that I truly loved you with everything I had but now that you've thrown that away you've left me broken and mad, so say your last goodbyes and pray that I may forgive you for all the shatterd memorable times. You just sat back and watched me fall but your payback is coming and its for it all, I thought I could trust you and see through your lies but now I see that I was never good of enough person for your damn eyes. I'm really gonna miss you my dear friend but all things must come to an end so fair well and goodbye i will still shed some tears just to cry. I will love you forever and always even after death and time thank you and goodnight.

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