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The Perfect Tragedy...

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You should have seen the party last night as the moon and stars were shining bright all i could think about was you but it was the alcohol that made me blue. I had cried a thousand tears but I still couldn't drown my fears. I had threw up my heart to scream "I Love You" and still you weren't there to show me through. As my feelings for you begin to show my heart feels as if it wants to slow and as my head is full of voices that have given me the wrong choices I slowly go to grab the knife to take me away from this lonesome life but I remebered how much you mean to me for you like somone else, so i guess thats how it has to be. As the knife begins to slip I feel a teardrop on my lip I think of all that I'm livin for and I want you to know I'll be by yourside forever more.And as I lay here in my room dying I can feel your tears and know that you are crying, as my blues fade to gray I feel that my fears and worries have gone away, for I have a smile upon myface cause I am up with god and all of his grace. As all the people come around I feel the diggers bury me in the ground, theres always room inside for two and I want you to know that I Love You, my darling dearest for you are the nearest to my heart I can feel my tears begin to start. And so this is goodbye my love until you fly I'll be waiting for you up in the sky. Once you come up there and i see your face oncemore we can live life the way we did before.

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