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To Josh

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I love him He hates me, when he walks away I go completly crazy I'm screaming out your name cause I miss you baby. Please don't let me go I'll do anything for you just what have I got to do to make you see that your the guy of my dreams as crazy as it seems yes your the perfect one for me. Please, I've been up everynight crying wishing you were here cause I'm slowly dying losing my life but I've been tryin so hard that I've been goin out of my fucking mind. Just why, why won't you believe me when I tell you that I Love You? Guess ripping out whats left of my heart wasn't enough to show you that its true. Been laying here crying out my eyes watchin each tear fall it passes by my time just waiting on my pain to heal but it never will cause pain is the only thing that I've got left to feel cause nothing else is real its all just a joke, cause everyones laughing as they watch me choke on the emptiness inside of me becoming broken inside and weary. Please save me before its to late cause i've made up my mind I wanna be with you I can't cooperate with anyother guys give me the chance to call you mine, cause you're everything I'm missing in my life and now that I see clearly you the one with the power to heal me. I Love You, You're My Perfect Tragedy!

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