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Waking up to find that you're gone shatters whats left of my sanity crawling into the darkest places of my mind to hide away from everybody, trapping myself inside an imaginery world of pain and missery cause you left me broken and empty. Yes I know I'm the one who kept breaking your heart and now I guess I'm getting wat I desrve. I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt you all those times so now its your turn to watch these eyes cry and now that evry tear that falla is falling for you dear. Take the rusted knife and cut my chest wide open make me run out of life but all i'd have to do is look at you cause you take my breath away especially when you say that you love me the samw way as I do, I can't live my life without you. You're the one who holds me together when I start to fall apart because I know your love is forever. Please tell me that you'll stay cause I swear that I'll change you're the one I want, so I'm begging you please, will you stay with me David Reed cause you're everything that I need and without you I;d be dead cause I'dve sat back and watched myself bleed.

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