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A Tale of Suicide


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A Tale of Suicide

By: Amanda Augustus


T?was a tale of suicide,

A romance,

A true novel,

A legend, rare to be told.


But this story starts at thee gates of Heaven,

(As most stories do)

Where a Princess fell in love,

Or so she thought?.


She gave him thee greatest gift to be given,

Her heart?

For Love took over all acts of Intelligence,

As she fell deep into his trap.


For he let her fall,

Straight to the bottom of Hell,

And he watches as she burns,

Yet she still loves him.


The mental pain becomes unbearable,

For she knows she?ll never be with the man-

Who watches her die, without a care,

So she ended her life.


With a pull of a trigger,

Her heart (which she?d given away)-

Ceased to beat,

And she never inhaled for more air.


And that was the end of this novel,

For she took her life over Love,

This Princess died-

All because of Love?

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