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Unseen Love


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Unseen Love

By: Amanda Augustus


There are more than just these oceans between us,

More like the Heavens and Hells themselves,

Although your hand is in mine,

I cannot see your heart.



But there?s too much fog in my eyes,

And even though you handed me your heart,

I don?t see it in my hands.


I know it is,

The words you speak feel so real,

And I trust you,

But I?m not sure why.


I?m listening to my heart,

Though my mind swears it?s a lie,

You say you love me,

My entire insides melt at your words,


I love you back,

My mind even knows that,

I hope you know that too,

Because yes, it?s true.


I want you more than anything,

You, and only you,

I wish I could see your heart in my hands,

But as long as I feel it I know I?ll be fine.


I won?t ever return the unseen,

And please don?t take it back,

This world may separate us,

But you?ll be in my heart forever?

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