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Don't Let Go. (Ripley's Song)


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There's a ringing in my head

that's only here when you're around.

It makes my heart beat faster

and squeeze your hand tighter

afraid to let go

for I might crash upon the ground.


My only mistake throughout all of this

is wasting our precious time with thinking

Baby, I just don't know.

So give me no reason to doubt you,

even though you never have


I only want to feel you next to me

holding me in your arms, listen to our hearts; synchronized.

Such an addicting feeling making me breathless for you.

It seems so easy for you to tell me

But, Baby, tell me the truth.

Aren't you nervous too?


So, Don't let go

Take my hand and we can run and run and run away

Who cares where we're going? We just are.

We can't stay sane in the place we are being.

Especially when we are apart.

Please, Don't let go.


Maybe I'm taking this fast, a little strong for you.

But I don't know.

I want this to be where I belong.

It might wrong, or it could be right.

Who the hell knows? At least we have tonight.


Be fanatical, be crazy, totally crazy for me.

That's how we'll know.

You haven't let go of me after all.


Don't let go of me and I will hold on forever.

Don't say I'm not thinking clearly.

Let go of your control and hang on to me instead.

I want you, you know that, I do.

It's my decision so Don't let go.


(You're mine.

Don't forget it

Let's keep this moment to ourselves

Stay, Stay this way.


Forever & Always)



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