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--don't say it--


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[align=center]your words cut my heart like a knife

now they replay like a broken tape

your words began this bitter strife

this phrase i know i can't escape


i told you not to say it if it didn't mean a thing

but still you would repeat it for my neck to wring

i knew it was just a game you played

the words you spit would make me fade


now broken, beaten without regret

you left my soul in it's own hollow

and i thought you posed no such threat

but now reality i must swallow


i never wanted to fall in love

but i guess in the end push comes to shove

you never mean to purposely trip

it's not my fault for this wretched rip


you can't help it when you stumble

you can't catch yourself once you've fallen so far

you can try to holler or mumble

but truth is love is like falling into tar


it's black and burns and sticks like glue

i can never get my mind off of you

i go to bed each night thinking about us for awhile

i wake up each morning missing how you used to smile


each time you said 'i love you sam'

i knew it was just a joke

i knew it was only a scam

but these thoughts i would choke


i'd choke them down cause i wanted hope

i wanted a fairytale ending, but nope

it was just another story of a guy and a girl

a story to make my stomach twist and hurl.








[[ .when someone says they love you, and you know they don't mean one word of it.... the words i love you can hurt worse than being gutted out alive with a dull blade. i'd rather live alone my entire life than ever feel like that again. ]][/align]

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