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is it gay for a guy to wear pink

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it is just a color associated with femmennizem some people think (i'm sorry my vocabulary isn't very large)

but really it's just a color

i use to hate pink when i was little cuz i was a major tom boy and thought if i liked it would be to girly girly

but now i'm starting to like pink(still tomboy) it's bright and to me it's what happiness would look like if it where a color

and like deadlynightshade said

gay is a guy likeing to have sexual relations with another guy

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Guest Emo4Lyf

You're not gay, but you're going to be called gay for it and it would take a fool not to realise this. If you don't mind being called gay, feel free to continue.. but you can't change the entire world's perspective of femininity just to suit your own tastes.

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