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extreme phobias...share and talk..... (:


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Please share your phobias and fear......everyone always humiliates me due to my phobia.........whenever i try to talk to someone about my phobia they make fun of me and say its such a childish fear.........i want all of you to share your phobia and we should then talk about it.......


Whenever thunderstorm starts......i close my ear and eyes even when i'm at home.......i had never walked out of house during a thunderstorm......whenever thunderstorm starts i feel like the lightning will strike me, even when i'm at home.....i know all the science and stuff that it will only strike the place from where it gets earthing, but i'm still afraid........i know it may be funny for you......but its my biggest horror......apart from it i also have acrophobia (fear of heights)........



If anyone else has any phobia please share.....and you can also talk about my phobia........

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I love thunderstorms ;-; We had one today and I took it as an opportunity to go outside.


Heights I guess, I go cold and kinda freeze


Same happens when loads of people are all paying attention to me (Easy to tell I don't do public speaking)


Or physical contact with people, I don't know where they've been ;-; 

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I'm a wimp.

1. Clowns

2. Getting lost/ stranded

3. Ladybugs, well... most bugs. Spiders, roaches, beetles. -shudders-

4. Stage fright

5. Thunder, not lightenting

6. Snakes

7. Closed spaces


That covers most of them.

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Well i think i am not alone.....thanks guys for sharing.....it really made me feel better, i always thought that i was somekind of wierdo or social outcast (i am not calling you that).....btw is social awkwardness also a phobia?? If it is then i am socioackwardophobic

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I don't think I'm really afraid of anything or at least not to any large degree. For example I'm afraid of heights but a few weeks ago I got on  sixflags drop of doom which was like 400 feet and I'm terrified of drowning but I still get in pools and I'm scared of the dark because there might be aliens around hiding in the darkness yet last night I literallywas skipping in the dark lol.

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I greatly dislike public restrooms, the chopped fish with the head and eyes still intact, my family from my step dads side is afraid of eating delicacies in foreign countries due to that awful incident my step brother had where he shat out worms during our stay in Peru.

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