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Favourite Song And Why


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if you can't ride two horses at once then get out of the circus--- by asking alexandria


the great romances of the afterlife-- by november blessing

yes i have two favorites...


because they make me feel that one day i'll find someone who loves me and that will always make me smile, and i'd give the world for that person. i just wanna feel like love is real, even if it is a big ol' fairytale.


i know i'm lame. ohhh welll. :]

sammy=a hopless romantic.

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At the moment Skin By Sixx AM is my favorite song. Its played by some of musics greatest; Nikki Sixx, DJ ASHBA and James Michael.This song has so much feeling and power behind it. It gives off a great message as well. The song explains you shouldn't just judge someone by the looks of their skin or how they look on the outside but look within them and find the real person. This song has a special place in my life since it has gotten me through some hard times in my life! You should really check out the song its amazing!!

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