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Ever since I started listening to Hardstyle i can't get enough of it, i absolutely love Hardstyle! I listen to Hardstyle everyday for 8 hours straight. The best thing about Hardstyle for me is how deep the bass can get, i put in my skullcandy earphones and blast it. The bass is soo deep that i can feel my eardrums ringing. Unfortunately i am still learning how to dance to it, I'm getting better and better! So do anyone of you like/listen to Hardstyle and/or know how to dance to it? Also has anyone been to Defqon, Hardshock and/or Qlimax? I've herd that going to anyone of them is wonderful, i will be going to every single one of them, but right now i can't afford it. One last thing: if anyone has gone to them i would love to hear about your experience and what you thought about them!

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Yes. So much love for my favorite genre in the entire world. I listened to Hardstyle since I was 8 years old. I love the melodic Hardstyle more than raw, my brother likes raw Hardstyle. I shuffle to it. The Melbourne shuffle not that LMFAO bull$#@!. I have been to Defqon, it was absolutely incredible. Showtek comes to my city on a regular basis, and I just saw Noisecontrollers not even a few months ago. I kicked it with Headhunterz two months ago and I plan to fly out to see Technoboy. When I went to Melbourne Australia for my shuffle competition I caught up with a few shufflers there who suggested events to me. So I am now going to the Sound of Q dance where there will be a strict Hardstyle stage for well over 48 hours for the three day event. I'm nervous, but excited. Glad to know there's another fan of the Harder Styles out there.

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