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A spherical gem 

I caught you there and then

Under the pale gem

Fair skin pale 

Looking beyond your veil

Not knowing where and when

When the night will end

Night owl calling again


Misty wistful dew

Upon your pale cheeks

Only two

Like dewdrops they flew

Like wind making flowers go awry

Your eyes blue as sky 

Beyond the veil and pale skin fair

I saw what lied left for me there

A room desolate and bare

Knowing life is not fair

My heart began to weather and tear


You faded like new dawn 

My tears like dew on the lawn

I knew you were gone

Shaking like a newborn fawn

So raw and not wanting to be real

At the same time not knowing how I feel

I began to keel 

Kneeling down

Like an angel I put my arm round

My invisible wing shielding

Seeing the leftover tablets

Like loose fragments of thread

My neverending dread 

Realizing life is like a thread

So easily cut and undone

But one day you said we would be one

The moonlight carries your whisper

Your last words 

Your last smile

Your last shine


He was like moonlight 




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