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do you have a strange nickname?


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i just have a few:


-Chanty <----- what people say after a while for some reason :3

-Chanty-elle <----- a mistake someone made of pronouncing my name

-Chantally <---- i've had this one since grade 3. don't know why though

-Channel 2 <---- the initials of my name remind my friend of a tv channel

-Show and tell <--- cuz the kindergartners i look after can't actually say my name


yeah, and that's it, i think :D

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I have a spanish second name...its Fernanda..weird I know:P so my bro and grandma call me FEFA sometimes. I think thats as weird and ugly as it gets.


I also get called:

clau(by mom and friends)

clauclau(by mom and some fam)

meisan sweetie(by my uncle)

little princess(by my dad and mom sometimes)

little rag doll(by mom)

aleli princess(by mom)

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